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You may purchase Torque RT700™ from any of the authorized dealers listed below. Clicking on the dealer's logo will take you directly to the Torque RT700™ order page for that dealer.

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Porterfield Brakes is an authorized dealer of Torque RT700™
Porterfield Brakes is a Southern California-based motorsports brakes specialist ofer more brake parts and expertise than you can imagine. Give Tim a call at 949.548.4770 today to order Torque RT700™ Racing Brake Fluid

OG Racing is one of America's premier providers of safety and performance products for the auto enthusiast, weekend racer and pro race teams.

Sector 111 is the North American market leader in niche lightweight sportscars: Lotus, Ariel & BAC. We became an Ariel Atom Dealer in 2010 and are also the exclusive importer of the BAC Mono. Click on the logo above or call Shinoo, Stacy, Noel or any of the others at 951.296.6762 to order Torque RT700™ was founded in 2002 by car enthusiasts who enjoy working with vehicles. We specialize mainly in Nissan vehicles, but are knowledgeable in all vehicles and their mechanics. We strive to provide our customers a great selection of products for their vehicles. The products we provide on our catalog have been installed and/or used by an FRSport staff member(s). Call Adrian (or any of the sales folks) at 714.515.4001 to order Torque RT700™

With two shops; one in Geneva, NY and the other in Sebring, FL., Destiny Racing is a premier race, prep, restoration and track support provider with a specialization in vintage racing Corvettes. Talk to them about your Torque RT700™ needs.

Orbit Racing, located in Riveria Beach, FL is one of the premier Porsche Specialist in the USA. They use RT700 exclusively in all their racecars.

Lightspeed Innovations is located in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. They are a retailer and a full service tuner shop with full service capabilities.

Based in Livermore, CA., LPI Racing is by car guys for car guys. Whether you need parts for your track car or your street performance, LPI has what you need.


Performance specialists and track junkies, CounterSpace Garage offers proven products with highly knowledgeable technical support. CSG specializes in the BRZ and FR-S, but also has a dedicated Honda and Nissan following.  Talk to David about their experiences with Torque RT700 in their track prepped BRZ and S2000.

Griffin Motorwerke, located in Berkely, CA is an Audi/Porsche Performance specialist as well as being the distributor for Recaro Seats and Mellteck exhaust. Check them out today!

The Cantrell Motorsports team of professionals has been in the automotive performance business specializing in european and domestic sports cars and race cars for over 25 years. We have the experience to take care of your car. Whether it is your daily driver or your track toy, we have you covered. Call 425.820.0231 and speak with Colin, John or Zach for your Torque RT700™ needs.

MAECO Motorsport is the premier specialist in performance modifications and vintage race preparation for V8 powered American Pony Cars built between 1965 and 1972.  The cars we build are not only fast and beautiful, but reliable too.  MAECO Motorsport has been in business since 1980.  Our purpose built facility is located in Northridge, California.

Call Mike or Jim at 818.701.1923 to order Torque RT700™

McGee Motorsports, located at Sonoma Raceway (Sears Point) behind Turn 11, is a full service race preparation, rehabilitation and storage facility. Call 707.996.1112 and speak with Mike Thompson to order Torque RT700™. Ask him about how well it worked in the ex-Lee Roy Yarbrough #98 Talladega car with the drum brakes.

Bavarian Tuning is a certified BMW service and maintenance center. In addition, we are an exclusive dealer of high-performance Dinan parts and accessories for BMW's. BMW is all we do.

Talk to Paul or Billy to get your BMW filled with Torque RT700™

Les Cannaday, founder/owner of Classic Datsun Motorsports is probably one of the most knowledgable Datsun/Nissan restoration/race prep specialists in the USA. Less does the race prep on all of Adam Carolla's ex-Paul Newman cars. Talk to Les at 760.940.6365 about how Torque RT700™provides a better and more consistent braking experience in Adam's vintage Paul Newman race cars.

Eurosport Racing, located outside of Denver, CO, offers race prep, arrive-n-drive and related motorsports services. Call (303) 375-9775 and speak with Rick or Mike to order Torque RT700™

Guten Parts and Service is guys who are nuts about cars. Founded in 2009 GPS offers the best in OE, Aftermarket, Performance, Rare and Unique items for your German car. Check them out!

Subaru specialists, Mann Engineering, located in San Jose is the newest dealer to the Torque Dealer Family. Talk to Gary about the tremendous experience they have had with Torque RT700. And then order a few bottles!

VW, Audi & Porsche specialist, Don Istook, located in Fort Worth, Texas has a deep heistory in motorsports. Talk to Don about the tremendous experience he has had with Torque RT700. And then order several bottles to do your car! 817.332.6547

Specialists for Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru & Audi, Kaizen Tuning is one of the largest shops on the east coast. Call Kaizen Tuning and speak with Jon about how Torque RT700 transformed the braking of his GT-R. Kaizen Tuning can be called at 978.266.9900

Specializes in the highest quality performance parts for Ford Mustangs. And Dean races Ford Mustangs. Dean and the guys know what works. And they use Torque RT700! Because it works!! Give Dean a call at 734.895.1543

Lightspeed Innovations is located in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. They are a retailer and a full service tuner shop with full service capabilities.

WORKS is an automotive engineering, tuning, and racing organization dedicated to enhancing modern sports cars through innovation and technology. Talk to Peter at 415.226.2500;
Wide Open Throttle Motorsports (WOTM) is an authorized dealer of Torque RT700™
Wide Open Throttle Motorsports, one of our newest dealers, founded in the late 1990’s building some of the quickest Supras in the world. Just like the cars built by WOTM, our parts are always high quality and unique from the competition. Call 480-626-2882 now to order your Torque RT700™ Racing Brake Fluid!


CIN Motorsports. is a Charlotte, NC., based automobile tuning facility specilizing in Chevrolet, Infiniti & Nissan. Call 704.523.5700 and talk to Chad or Bobby today for your Torque RT700 needs.

Racecraft specializes in the maintenance, support and restoration of race cars, sports/hobby cars and high performance street cars. They provide full trackside support and transportation to race events across the country while back at our shop we perform race prep, restorations and maintenance on a variety of projects. Call Jim at 425.766.6800 to order Torque RT700™

TopSpeed Motorsports, a tuner specializing in Porsche, BMW, Subaru & Mitsubishi, located in Alpharetta, GA. Click on the logo to go directly to Torque RT700™ sales page. Or call 678.297.7770 and speak to Ryan, Mike or Nathan
Racing Solutions is an authorized dealer of Torque RT700™
The leader in Dodge Viper performance. RSI's specialization in high performance forced induction systems and product development has enabled them to provide a quality of product unmatched in the market. Call (214) 513-3773 now to order your Torque RT700™ Racing Brake Fluid!

Classic BMW in Plano, Texas is the only Authorized BMW Motorsports Parts Dealer in Texas. Call Tom Bull, Motorsports Director at 214.914.2137 or email at order Torque RT700™

RM has been in the automotive business since 1969, RM is a premier full service vintage racing focused restoration and race prep shop dedicated to superior service to the Vintage Racecar Owner/Collector. Talk to Bud, Craig or Kirt Bennett at 248.344.1515 about how Torque RT700™ is the best brake fluid for your vintage race car.
Click here to order Torque RT700™ Racing Brake Fluid from Oklahoma based Porsche Specialists, Lindsey Racing or call 405.947.0137
Click here to order Torque RT700™ Racing Brake Fluid from Oklahoma based Porsche Specialists, Lindsey Racing or call 405.947.0137
MVP Motorsports is an authorized dealer of Torque RT700™
A premier retailer of go-fast and brake hard parts for all types/models of import cars. The best parts at the best prices for Honda/Acura, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Sion, Subaru and Toyota. Call 940.683.8282 now to order your Torque RT700™ Racing Brake Fluid!

John Anderson Racing Services

Located at Sonoma Raceway (Sears Point), Specializing in vintage Formula race car including Formula One. For example maintains, preps and manages the ex Mario Andretti John Player Special 1976 F1 car (see photos on the blog page)

Call John at 707.939.7462 to order Torque RT700™

GM Performance Specialist Shop MTI Racing in Marietta, GA is an authorized Torque RT700™ dealer. Talk to Reese or Jeff about how they eliminated all brake fluid problems by siwtching to Torque RT700™!

Blackdog Racing & Blackdog Speed Shop run #10 World Challenge GTS Chevrolette Camaro. Give Ray Sorenson a call at 847.634.7534 to order Torque RT700™. And ask him how it improved the braking on the #10 car!