How Much Brake Fluid Do I Need to Flush/Fill My Car?

That's a great question and one I get all the time. If you will be doing your own fluid flush/fill and you will be changing from another fluid to RT700™, we recommend purchasing 3 bottles. A typical auto brake system with ABS has approximately 500 mL of brake fluid in it. An experienced mechanic can typically perform a flush/fill with just 1 liter (2 bottles) of RT700™ brake fluid. However as most of us are not quite as skilled or experienced as the guy doing it 40 hours a week. And you would hate to be almost done with doing your flush/fill and run out of RT700™ just before you finished the fill. So even if you are pretty certain you can do the flush/fill with just 2 bottles, grab the 3rd just in case.

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Watch here for full instructions (video) on how to bleed the brake of your car.


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